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The real estate market in London will keep on rising…?

The growth of real estate prices in London is not surprising, according to many independent analysts: after all, in the world for several years ‘quantitative easing’ is raging, and printed money, one way or another, leak in the real estate market. The capital of the UK is the habitat of almost all the millionaires from around the world. So expecting the scenario with a certain fall in prices is probably not worthy to consider; moreover, the long-term forecasts include the scenarios with 35% growth of real estate price in the next decade. The printing money press keeps on running. Therefore, even if the deterioration of the economic situation becomes evident, the prices will come down but not for long in nominal terms. And then they will not only return to the previous level, but also rise up substantially. (more…)

What are the advantages of mortgage lending at British banks?

The biggest advantage which promises appeal to the UK banks, is the interest rate, which is maintained at a really low level for decades. In 2014 the National Bank of England base rate was about 3-5%. If we draw an analogy with CIS countries, one of the largest investment groups, the rate starts from 8.25% and goes beyond up to 25% and even further. Naturally, taking a loan at one of the British banks is a significantly more profitable opportunity. (more…)