Investing In English Real Estate: The Lucrative Business?

Buying a property in England is a perfect, already time-tested investment method, which means not only their safety but also the augmentation of capital, as English estate is constantly increasing in price, and therefore investing in it is at least gives a certain protection of capital against inflation and external risks.

Buying a property in the UK has become particularly relevant in light of the instability of the global economic market: the global crisis in 2008, oil crisis that started in 2014, the fall of Russian economy and Chinese currency – all these events force international businessmen to seek for decent protection solution. The UK has perfectly recommended itself as the most favorable place for profitable investments in real estate – year after year it attracts more and more real estate investors, boosting the local market to an incredible volume. Thus, e.g. the price for residential housing in London jumped by almost 110% since the year of 2000, and according to large financial institutions like BNP Paribas, another 30% surge is expected in the next 5 years. Real estate sector is a locomotive that boosts legal industry as well: according to, a savvy legal startup allowing you to find law experts (certainly including solicitors in West Sussex region), admits the earnings of conveyance solicitors are going to increase by 7% in the next 2 years.

England is a country with well-established traditions, international language and advanced economy and most importantly, positive investment climate – all the prerequisites are there to consider real estate investment opportunities. There’s no luxury tax, like in France, there’s no tax on property (although you’ll have to get ready for certain expenses), and the origin of monies is less thoroughly scrutinised in comparison, for example, with the US.

Selling real estate in England performed slightly different than in many European countries, as the British, are not likely to sell single structures, but completely the estate, so the transaction value is calculated not basing on the number of square meters of housing, but taking into account the total area of sold estate. All these details can be easily dismantled by a competent expert in the field of real estate, but the overall essence of the profitability of real estate acquisition in the UK does not change with years.

Another fact worthy of mentioning is that after the transaction the new buyer of the estate does not get a standard certificate of ownership, but a document confirming the right to lease the land for a long time, usually 500 or 1000 years. This is due to the fact that all the land belongs to the Anglican Church, so the real buyer gets the contract, confirming the right of long-term lease of land in England.

The reliability of such investments is guaranteed by the stability of the British economy, which, in spite of the last crisis, remains to be one of the most powerful economies in the world, so buying property in England allows you to become a full participant in its economy.